Friday, September 10, 2010

Reason #10: Why I Love Germany: Hiking the Swabian Alps:

Hiking the Swabian Alps scenery en route to the waterfall
Reason #10 why I love Germany are the Swabian Alps which offer gentle hiking trails with views of the German countryside.  There are no mountains in the Swabian Alps, but hills - some of them quite big, so the Swabian Alps has hiking for all fitness levels.  This past weekend we choose a small hike in the Swabian Alps since my fiance's mom was with us and she has heart problems.  The hike started in the small town of Bad Urach.

Guesteiner Waterfall in the Swabian Alps near Bad Urach
Our destination was Guetersteiner Wasserfall (German for waterfall) which could be reached by a flat well maintained loop that was 3km round trip. There were plenty of extensions including a trail that led to a fortress with more distance and elevation gain for those with more stamina than we had on this particular day.  It was a pleasant hike with a nice waterfall.  This Swabian Alps trail was clearly popular with German families and not with non-speaking German tourists.  Despite the trail being quite busy, the only language I heard spoken was German.  For me this is a bonus, as I like to do things that a typical German might do on a Sunday afternoon, now that I'm living in Germany. 

The variety of hiking options in the Swabian Alps are endless.  The book I have alone lists 130 hikes in the Swabian Alps and there are many more.  Yes, hiking in the Swabian Alps is another big reason why I love Germany.

More hikes in the Swabian Alps:  Hiking to Hohenzollern Castle


  1. Absolutely breathtaking!! I would move there in a heartbeat, but I must settle for just visiting for now.


  2. Very nice view! The picture looks refreshing, and much better to be in this place for me to feel and see the beauty of nature. Also perfect for the summer getaways.

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  4. If you think the picture above looks gorgeous, then wait until you actually see it in person. :)

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone and completely agreed James :)

  6. Magnificent, doesn't have words to explain the locales and waterfall, kindly post an article about the details of the location & some travel advisory.

  7. The Swabian Alps are indeed beautiful. I hope you'll visit my post on my own 5-day hike through them. It was fabulous. If you're interested:

  8. In my first and second InterRail i went to the Swabian Alps and it was one of the best times in the trips :)

  9. I live in Indonesia and I really sad to see the forest here, deforestation is happening very fast; in weekly or even daily basis! I wish my country can keep the forest like they do in the Germany.

  10. I would like to go for a trekking in this Swabian Alps.